In the pilot issue, the opposing views of our columnists are combined with the authors' general fatigue from current trends: excessive dramatization and excessive simplification.

In a sense, we are trying to stop the swings in the middle between a meaningless complex showdown and sometimes a simplifying process that leads to an absurdity.

The music section opens with the spring debut of nice Swede Augustine, goes through September releases: mannered Lana Del Rey and surpassing itself in the number of genres Metronomy.

Philosophers figure out where Hegel's Double Denial can lead. Does striving for simplicity in such subtle issues make sense? Yes and no: simplified theories give the illusion of an easy solution to any problems, but trying to find out subtle matters is no less dangerous — it's so easy to forget what you are looking for in this maze of concrete and abstract stone jungle.

The final column on humor, owned by a comedian and screenwriter living around New York, introduces into the American stand-ups world.


Verena Podolsky

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