Hi, Augustine!
It's a great pleasure to get be speaking to you!
Thank you so much for the beautiful EP and congratulations on the release of «Guts».

Here are some questions I would like to ask you.

How did you come to creating music? What was the first artistic inspiration you remember
Hi there, thank you so much! We had these little DVD-boxes of different live shows and music videos from bands and artists like Guns N' Roses and David Bowie that I watched together with my brothers when we were small. I remember thinking that I wanted to be the drummer, then I wanted to be the bass-player, then the guitarist and so on and eventually I wanted to be the singer haha. That's also how I started creating music later on. First playing the drums, then guitar and at last started to sing.

Were you always sure about your career path or did you have other plans for life? What are your thoughts about them now?

No, not at all, I've thought about music as a hobby after the studies or work! I planned to study psychology, but in the same year I applied for different psychology courses I also applied to a music school, which I ended up choosing instead.

How in your opinion does a person realize themselves as an artist? How did it happen to you?
Very good question. I don't know if it has happened to me! Everything has happened kinda fast this year and I still struggle about which role and which voice I could bring to the table as an artist. What do I really have to offer, besides just these songs? And do I really need to offer something else? Those kind of questions!

You worked on this EP together with Rassmus Björnson. Could you tell us more about him? How did you understand that this is the person you want to work with?

I met Rassmus at this music school and we immediately became good friends. We live as roommates now so we work almost all the time! He's the best producer I know and a stellar photographer and filmmaker. He has all the great ideas for the visuals and the videos.

How do you feel about teamwork in general? What in your opinion is the best part of it? What is the hardest part?

I think it's very hard to write songs together with other people! You have to find the ones that you're really comfortable with. I think lyrics is the hardest part because I always feel silly when I'm trying to explain my ideas for lyrics. And it takes so much time. But the best part about it is having someone who gives you inspiration and you can try out different beats and melodies together that you probably wouldn't have come up with all by yourself.

The southern, Mediterranean vibe of Luzon and the whole EP, forms one dream about travels and romantic adventures. What is your favorite place in the world? Where do you wish to go, and where do you feel most inspired? Why?

I'm glad it does! That's a theme for the EP in some ways. Hopefully I haven't been at my favorite place in the world yet, but I visited Croatia and the islands of Brac and Hvar a couple years ago and that was the best vacation I've been on. I wish to go back there someday and film something for a song!

What do you think about the correlation between the place you live in and the art you create?
That's also a good question. I think living in Sweden has brought me great opportunities and time to really develop my songwriting and producing. I'm aware that I live a privileged life, but still I struggle with anxiety and stress about relationships, social media etc. Just these stupid little things. It's like the brain always need something to worry about. I guess that's why most of the songs ends up being about love or the lack of it, or some kind of social anxiety, because that's where my head is at most days.

All of your tracks sound very intimate yet enigmatic, The Scent of Lily in particular. Could you please tell us about its creation and the thought process that led you to its lyrics (if it's not uncomfortable for you, of course)?
Of course! I wanted to try to somehow capture one single moment when you realize that you're actually falling desperately in love with someone. It feels like that's the most wonderful and at the same time the most terrifying feeling in the world.

Which feelings inspire you while creating music, and what do you think about the idea of art coming from «sorrow?»
I think sorrow is the strongest driving force when making music, or at least writing lyrics. I think it's very hard to write a happy lyric! I find influence mostly in sad stuff, and whenever I feel bad about myself I always want to write songs. It's like an escape from something, to feel better for a while. To just push all the bad stuff in your head out in a song. To process it!

Have you ever had a creative crisis, and if so how did you deal with that?
I don't think I've had a real, real, real writing block… yet!

What are your favorite paintings, movies, books? How, in your opinion, is music related to other forms of art?
The ones I've read in the past years are Herman Hesse's 'Siddharta' and 'The Steppenwolf'. I've enjoyed the takes on happiness and the meaning of everything within them. Hmm, movies… I saw Palo Alto lately! The one with James Franco. That's a nice melancholic movie.

What is the most delicate and challenging part of making music for you?
To bring a somewhat special and unique take on these very regular themes like love, heartbreak, depression etc… people have written songs about these things for hundreds of years and it's hard not to say something in a way that it's been said a thousand times before. But that's the challenge of it! To try it my own way.

Since Augustine's music took root within our office, our music columnist Katherine Gorina interviewed the musician.
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